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    Flor Da Rosa, Crato

More than 20 years of experience in importing wood from sustainable Nordic forests.

We offer unique and personalized solutions based on a superior quality standard. Our service prioritizes the proximity to the client and the development of long term relationships.

Therefore, we establish partnerships with companies in the region and represent the best brands within our activity since 1998.

Our history

In Portugal since 1998, we started our business in Castelo de Vide. Some years later, we moved to the industrial area of Crato. After our establishment here we enhanced our space with the construction of a new warehouse, which allowed us to meet the increased needs of our clients in terms of quantity, range of material, and delivery speed.

Our ambition is to continue to grow together with our clients and partners, always promoting the benefits of using wood as a biological and sustainable raw material.

Our solutions satisfy the needs of professional services in the construction industry, as well as of individuals looking for solutions for smaller DIY projects.

20 years of experience

Marketing woods and maintenance products
for interior and exterior structures.


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