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Our wood is sustainable, CO2 neutral, and a highly effective insulator, creating excellent living conditions.

Consulting and Projects:

We offer consulting and help with developing small scale wood projects.

We offer support in wood selection, construction monitoring, and maintenance.
Can be scheduled according to your convenience.

Wood Cuts:

Regardless of the specifications of your project, we can support you with our customized wood cutting service.

Save time and relax by taking advantage of our services.

Treatments and Wood Care:

We know wood better than anyone!

Our team is qualified to perform any kind of maintenance or treatment needed for your building.

For all your needs (from floorings, to roofs, decks, pergolas, and fences) we mastered the art of wood maintenance and treatment techniques and use only the best ecologically sustainable materials.

20 years of experience

Marketing woods and maintenance products
for interior and exterior structures.


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